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Built by salespeople for salespeople, QuotaPath is a tool that helps you calculate commissions, measure performance, and increase earnings.

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QuotaPath Earnings Dashboard

Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and wrong paychecks

Earnings Tracking

Complexity meets clarity

With simplified quota tracking, you’ll have a clear picture of how much your commission checks will be.
Easy Onboarding

Onboarding is a breeze

Plug in your comp plan and get results in a matter of minutes, not months. We support all kinds of plans!
Team Attainment Tracker

Navigate as one

Stay motivated by surfacing organizational metrics that matter, like team attainment and revenue performance.
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"I've been using spreadsheets to track commissions my whole career. With QuotaPath I know exactly how much to pay my reps and they can easily see how much they earned."

— Juan T.


"Knowing exactly what I'm going to earn on my deals — even before I close them — keeps me focused on the right activities to maximize my efforts."

— Taylor R.

Koupon Media

QuotaPath makes calculating earnings, attainment, and goals so easy … I love it!

— Brad V.


“QuotaPath helps our reps visualize their progress and wins. The whole team is invested – from our newly onboarded SDRs to our most tenured AEs!”

— Jacquie B.

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